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Importance of Malleability and Ductility of Metals in Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Tags: precision sheet metal fabrication

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In metals used for precision sheet metal fabrication, both malleability and ductility are essential. To understand why this is the case, it helps to learn what these two terms mean. Malleability is the property of a material that changes its form when compressed. For instance, these types of metals can get rolled or beaten into sheets. Ductility is when a material can stretch under tensile strength without compromising on quality. Metals with ductility can be made into wires.

In other words, highly malleable and ductile metals are easy to form and reshape using compression and stretching methods. For the sheet metal fabrication process, a workpiece that stretches and forms is highly beneficial. With these two qualities, a top manufacturing company expands on its capabilities in that it can produce more intricate parts and components in response to ever-changing customer demand.

When metals like copper, tin, lead, and steel are malleable or ductile, they become almost dough-like. That makes it easier for the manufacturing company to roll them out, force them through different machinery, and even bring them back to their original dough-like state. Best of all, the various fabrication processes do not break the continuity of the particles in the metal.

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